Now THAT is the news I have been waiting for!

25th July 2017
Yep - Nikon today hit 100 years old and finally announced the successor to the successor of my rapidly ageing main camera! I have been living in constant fear that the shutter is going to expire since it surpassed it's maximum shutter count some time ago. It is still running faultlessly, don't get me wrong, but I know I am on borrowed time after 5+ years of daily use and really want to move it on to the backup body. The D800E is still an absolutely fantastic camera but I didn't feel that it's successor justified the upgrade deciding to skip a generation... I just thought it may have been a little sooner, especially with the competition from Canon hotting up.

There are no specs released yet, but there are some hints at enhancements which mean a lot to me - mainly better dynamic range and low ISO, which look like they are happening along with a much enhanced autofocus system.

I shall be watching things over the next few weeks and months... and probably hoping for some favourable finance deals, especially as my standard zoom has seen considerably better days (come to think of it the 70-200 looks like it has been through a warzone - which it has - but I should really replace that at some stage too!)

Otherwise been having a great few days, although photography is very much on a back seat just now. Autumn isn't far away now though, and that is when things really start coming together in the Lakes.

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