2018: Week 17

29th April 2018
Today would have been my Mum's birthday if she was still with us, so it seems kind of ironic that it was the day that the last piece of our arrangements for my eldest brother's funeral fell into place.

I am still missing our email conversations like crazy, still feeling that some part of me is missing... and still feeling generally hollow. In an attempt at positivity I have been continuing to work on my plans for the future, which have started to develop quite nicely. It is a good distraction from everyday reality - but I want to be ready to start progressing with it all once we get back from the States.

Otherwise this week has been spent working just outside Ulverston at a lovely old late-medieval farm with an absolutely fantastic old well in the driveway. I suspect the farm is on older footings, possibly Norse, by the layout of the old building and it's setting within the landscape.

Monday was a day of finalising the arrangements for this weeks job. I popped out to get some shots of the local Highland cows for the second round of an international competition (came 10th in the first round), but I didn't use any of them in the end.

I did quite like this one however.

Tuesday was a bad day. My heart just wasn't in it, but I forced myself out to Lakeside to do one of the jobs that I had down for the day. I tried to find a little peace on the shores of Windermere.

Wednesday was the start of the main job of the week. It isn't far from home so I have been staying local the last few days as a result. I took this on the way out on Wednesday morning, a panoramic looking over Broughton Beck.

Thursday was another day on site, this time I popped up the hill on the way home to take a shot of Hoad Hill which I rather liked. The flow of the walls across the landscape really appealed to me!

Friday I was out, again, on site. Progress has been pretty good and the weather has held off for the majority of the critical phase which was great! I stopped to take a photo of Osmotherly on the way back which has been pretty well received elsewhere on the web.

Saturday was generally a bit bleak - both in my heart and outside. Roki got a little walk though which kept him happy!

Sunday has been a bit better, despite it being my Mum's birthday which always makes me miss her presence in our lives, this year more keenly than most as are missing Neil. I thought I would get a photo of myself and the boys as a result for today... but Lachlan wasn't hanging about so I just managed to get one with Hamish! My Dad came over for a bit too... and we had a gardener/landscaper over for a chat this morning to try and sort out the wilderness that we live in!

Next week we are going to try and be a little more "normal". I have neglected my fitness and health the last few weeks so may try and get a good week in if I can, with the aim for similar next week before we head off over the Atlantic. The ongoing Ulverston job should wrap up this week, I have a day up the west coast to get in... and probably a trip down into Lancashire too. So busy times! I can see *something* slipping into next week, but with a bank holiday on Monday and a school closure on Thursday that is going to be pretty packed as it is! Most of my planning is now really for post-America due to time frames!

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