2018: Week 22

03rd June 2018
The plans for the future... they continued to grow this week - but more on that later.

Monday: We had a bit of a chill out start to the week. Hamish was under the weather, literally - it was just too hot for him! He picked up later in the day though!

Tuesday: Still just too hot and sticky to do much, we were promised thunder storms to clear the air, but nothing came!

Wednesday: An interesting day - I went to the Forum in Barrow to a series of lectures on coastal archaeology. It was a bit of a blast from my dim and distant past, but great to spend a bit of time doing something that I loved once again!

Thursday: The best day I have had in ages, despite some monster sunburn! We set off with the archaeologists again to do some practical fieldwork and get ourselves up and running at CITiZAN surveyors. A day on Walney Island exploring some remains dating from the neolithic/bronze age right up to WW2. There were many great things to see that day but the absolute highlight came late on when we discovered a late neolithic or bronze age (probably) set of human footprints!

The prints themselves follow along the line of a palaeochannel - so an old silted up stream essentially. The prints belonged to a child... which just brought the whole thing to life for me as I could imagine my own children running and playing along the banks of a stream, laughing as their bare feet squelched in the soft peaty mud. The fact that this mud dried hard and was then covered by other sediments so that this moment would remain captured in the fabric of nature for us to find some 4000 years later just amazed me!

Friday: It was a hot, sticky day again. We went down to Coniston Water with the boys and Roki for a cool down, and discovered that he could not only swim... but actually enjoyed it (unlike Jake)!

Saturday: A bit cooler, the boys had an event on the beach in Walney in the morning, then we took them off to find the ancient footprints... although they had more fun beach combing than looking at the archaeology!

But that's fine!

Sunday: Another chill out day before the boys go back to school next week.

So not a bad half term really, perhaps not as many adventures as we would have liked, but at least we were out and about!

I have been doing more planning for the future this week, talking to people and really growing the concept quite a lot. The broader the scope the more chance of being able to make something of a living once the change happens. There is now a name for the embryonic business concept now though which has come courtesy of my much missed big brother. He had a few domain names registered and one of them was just a perfect fit! I like this particularly as it keeps a link to him - he has become the inspiration to press ahead with this much faster than I had originally envisaged. There are a couple of big questions and issues still to face and find a solution to, and a LOT of training for me to complete and gain some qualifications but I think I can make it work!

So next week - it is back to work again, properly, after more or less a month off as I dealt with both a mix of preparations, travel, grief and getting home and back into things. I also want to try and make a start on the training having finally manged to get all my memberships lined up and registered for the first of the courses I need to attend (this first one is really the key to everything else, so I am starting with the most important one - everything else is then bonus material!)

I may elaborate on the business ideas a bit as time goes on... but I am hugely excited! I had a vote of confidence in both my idea and my photography this week from a National Geographic Master of Photography which gave me a real lift!

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