2018: Week 3

21st January 2018
This week has been a battle - at least it has been in my head. Things got on top of me, I have been questioning my life and future a lot and getting into a negative spiral.

Things are a little better now, but I am aware that stress is high and that I am constantly on the edge. The question is - what am I going to do about it? The answer is... I have no idea! It is a combination of the day job, having no control over my future... having no real ability to plan for the future as a result....

In my heart I know what I want to do with my life, but I need the funds to make that a reality - and those funds just aren't forthcoming! I was financially better off 13 years ago (actually, quite a lot better off) and that makes it very tricky to do anything - especially as my purpose seems to be to keep working so my Dad can keep working!

For now though I think starting on a project is going to help. Well, two projects - one on fixing my health and one working on my passions. Hopefully the latter will help me being able to break out of this situation and go and do something more interesting and fulfilling instead.

The weather has been rubbish this week too, which hasn't helped!

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