2018: Week 4

28th January 2018
It has been another tough week.

Saturday was the 4th anniversary of loosing Mum, and it feels like I have had so much adversity over the past several years in life that I am falling to bits. Add to the mix that the the whole reason for me leaving my support network of friends has been pulled from under me and... well... everything just seems a bit pointless at the moment.

It will pass, it always does. January is almost done, then there is the short haul through February and the world will start to seem a brighter, warmer place again. Yesterday I was out for a walk and the sun was warm against my back hinting at the coming Spring.

But for now I am tired. Tired of so much. And missing my old friends being there to shoot the breeze with, ride some bikes with, have a drink with and just generally talk rubbish. Life moves on for all of us I guess though.

Since writing this a good few hours ago I am starting to feel things lift a little. I am not saying that I am out of the woods, but the trees are certainly starting to thin a little.

As a result I made a positive step and submitted a few photographs into a little competition. I don't think they will go far, but I suppose it is a change from not wanting to do anything/having no interest in anything.

It is a new month on Thursday and I have to say I will be glad to see the back of this one.

Late November through December and January have too many anniversaries of sad events in life, and when you are already stressed out and being brought down by other life factors not going as one would wish it is more than enough to push you over the edge into a very dark place. But that is all something for another time.

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