A little rantathon!

02nd May 2018
(I haven't had a good rant about something inconsequential in ages... but here goes!)

Now... I am not averse to people putting subtle signatures or watermarks on their photographs - it is something I have started doing of late after increasing the resolution of my shared photographs to something potentially "useful". 


There are companies out there that "create" signatures for photographs for you - you send them your name and they create a signature for you... so it isn't YOUR signature, it is just a logo!  It seems to be popular with the very amateur end of the market and a few aspiring pros... and I can see that it is designed to make your images "look" more professional.  But to me using a made up signature is just fake and kinda devalues the work!

Here is a copy of a front page of one such service:

Yes, they all look very authentic and very flash - but they aren't real!

Perhaps it is just me that gets annoyed by this, but hey - we are supposed to be original, artistic and creative and this just reeks of everything opposite to that!

In contrast - this is my current watermark.  It has my actual signature on it!

This is going to change again though I think as I start working towards a massive rebrand and redirection of my efforts, but that is another story!

Perhaps I am being overly sensitive as we gear up for my big brother's funeral later this month (we have Dakota here this weekend which will be a welcome relief from the planning)... you tell me!

Update: The new watermark is starting to appear now as I prepare for a wholesale revamp of what this venture is about. The revamp is going to take a while to fully come to fruition mind!

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