A Night of Shocks

09th June 2017
Well, that was rather a surprise (at least if you listened to the mainstream media too much). We have woken up this morning to a hung parliament with some losses in England to the Conservatives towards Labour, the same in Wales - and a very odd election in Scotland (which was, to be honest, not necessarily a bad thing - I don't like seeing one party dominance anywhere).

I think the result that first signalled something very different was going on was when Rutherglen switched from SNP to Labour. It wasn't entirely unexpected to those who were paying attention, but it did set the tone for the night. Politics is realigning again, this election may not be the big sea change that I was hoping for - but the tide is changing.

What does this mean right here, right now? Who knows, but I am really hoping to see a move towards a soft/very soft Brexit - hopefully on the Norwegian model which keeps us heavily linked to our neighbours and, if attitudes change, would make it somewhat easier to re-engage at a later date.

With some luck we may yet see a Labour minority government which could lead to a revision of the electoral system, a Federalised state and greater levels of equality throughout the nation. I think that is probably being a bit too hopeful though. With a slightly weakened SNP I think Federalisation may be more likely than previously too - which is a good thing as it allows a more varied economy to be developed before thinking about breaking fully away.

So... interesting times then. Given we were fearing a rightwing landslide I am pretty happy with how things are looking this morning. I may yet change my mind as things develop (rapidly) in the aftermath though, especially with talk of the DUP joining up with them!

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