I live on the edge of the Lake District National Park in Cumbria, although my heart still longs for the mountains and lochs, the islands and seas of the Highlands and Islands. Wherever I am, though, I love to seek out the natural beauty and photograph it in a way that conveys what it means to me.

Over the years I have been through a lot. The last few years in particular have been difficult and this, I think, has influenced my work in a subtle way. I don't feel the need to search out perfection in light or weather instead looking for the best in the situation in which I find myself. Sometimes the bleakness of a windswept moorland speaks to me more clearly of loss and regret than a sumptuous sunset. When you have lost so much (a son in tragic circumstances which remain unresolved morally and legally speaking, my wonderful Mum through cancer too young) sometimes the dark and gloomy speaks louder!

I am not saying it has been all bad though, I remarried and have two wonderful little boys with my new wife, and ever more time is being spent with my beautiful daughter from my previous marriage. Most of the time, then, life is pretty darn wonderful, and this is when the golden light that warms my back is my inspiration. The wonder of nature, the beauty of life....

At heart I am a traveller, an adventurer, a musician and a friend to all. The world is my canvas and my muse and my life is filled with love and joy now.

Which is entirely how I intend to keep it!

So, welcome - and join me in my travels and adventures.

Even if, sometimes, I do get a little lost!