Adventures to Plan

03rd February 2014
I decided to pop into Wheelbase today to take a look at options for getting the boys out on the bikes after the weather improves. They are a great bunch in there, and spent a good bit of time talking through a few options with me, and even getting a child seat out to see what would work.

Naturally the bikes I had been thinking would be nice were ruled out!

This one works though, unlike my current bike which is absolutely useless for family adventures... it was a nice ride too, which I hadn't been expecting (I had discounted it for being aluminium and I have a long standing love of steel hardtails).

Anyway - that is all a ways off... but it was nice to daydream about cycling around a Scottish island or two in the summer with Lachlan sitting out back in the sunshine!

Sunshine - obviously the realms of fantasy!

Beyond that I am also hoping to start dragging the bike out again during the week when I have quieter days. I could just use the weather to improve a wee bit first! It is great riding through the rubbish weather and coming out in Spring fitter than before but with the damage done in September only being repaired in December I have not been enthusiastic about getting out in the cold depths of winter this year. Starting getting fit again in those conditions... no fun! So I am going to start again as the sun returns and the air warms a few degrees. Hopefully get back to Kung Fu too!

This week is all about planning for the future, and trying not to think about the other stuff too much. I am trying very, very hard to remain upbeat and positive - though the mask slips occasionally and I start to flounder in sorrow. With things being set in place to look forward too though I think we are doing the right things to get through it all. I know Mum wouldn't have wanted us to be so devastated at her passing, and would want us to grab life with both hands and make the most of it, as she did. 2014 is only at it's beginning, the start has been beyond terrible and worse than I could have predicted, but the rest of the year is still there waiting for us to do something special and joyous with.

Now... I think I need to strip down my old bike and get it sold off to free up some funds to help with these adventures that we are so desperately needing!

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