All Change!

21st February 2015
I am in the middle of a site-wide redesign! You can probably tell if you are a returning visitor... but I am going minimalist in design this time.

The galleries have been completely redone, and may get further tweaking as yet (actually, I am pretty sure that is going to happen with some additional galleries added, and perhaps some others broken down further as time goes by into parent/child groupings to make finding photographs of specific areas easier).

I am refocusing on the blog into more of a news & reviews resource - although with space still available for my random thoughts and musings too!

Over the next few days I have quite a lot to do however. I have formed the basic structure and uploaded the files from this year (post December 2014 Crash) and I am going to go back through everything and dig out what there is from previous shoots and see what can be salvaged from various drives. Everything is still there, it just depends on whether I want to commit funds to retrieving it at the moment or wait until such time as things are financially a little easier!

It seems a good time to make this change though - I am feeling re-energised photographically speaking and starting to see compositions and potential all over the place again which has been sorely lacking over the past year/18 months. I have also committed much more to shooting with Olympus cameras after an encounter with Damian McGillcuddy really altered my perception on the small sensor compact-system-cameras (CSC) which were emerging. This sent me down an investigatory path where I started looking at the work being done by other ambassadors of the system and what the potential was.

Whilst I couldn't find a vast amount of landscape work being done my Olympus shooters the seed was sown, and I could see potential in a high quality, weather sealed and very compact system. I dipped my toes and am now close to shifting entirely to the system. I am keeping the full frame Nikon ready and waiting still, but that is going to come out mainly for specific shoots. I am also using Lee filters now, rather than Cokin and there are a few other changes too.

So... exciting times ahead!

What is more - Spring is in the air today, for the first time this year. The thought of regrowth and the renewal of life is spurring me on, even though photographically I am drawn more to autumn and winter!

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