Birthday Surprise!

29th September 2016
It has been a crazy couple of days here!

Yesterday was just a blur. Very little sleep preceding a very early start to get up to Glasgow for an hour or so before turning around and coming home again. It was a lot of miles and a lot of driving... but it was worth it! I made it home just in time to pop into Ulverston to pick the boys up from school too, which was great!

I spent the evening chatting to a friend about cameras and discussing my photography business ideas before falling into one of those really deep sleeps that comes with exhaustion.

Today has been a wild and windy one. I stopped off to get a couple of pictures on my way over Corney Fell enroute to Gosforth.

The photography itself was challenging - being buffeted about in the wind! I was trying to catch a sense of the drama of this windy day, but could only really capture some movement in the reeds on this occasion. Time was too tight to experiment more as I had places to be!

The surprise came at Gosforth. Having finished up and about to head to the north of the county my van decided that steering was something other vans did. The whole steering system packed in... Mercedes Benz appeared onsite and couldn't get anything to work so it is now heading to Carlisle on a flatbed to be rebuilt.

It's not as much of a disaster as it seems though... the silver lining is I can't actually do a great deal tomorrow! Happy Birthday to me!!!

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