Catching Up (Again)

25th June 2013
It has been a busy few days - the office is more or less built now, there is still a little to do but I am awaiting a 3-way powerline adaptor (basically to add a 3 port hub onto my network which uses the power cables, it is a system that works well). Once this is in place I can move things around a little better and bolt down some of the furniture.

Otherwise it is time to mount the guitar hangers (which means I may start playing again) and start to tidy up the book shelves/cupboards and get the place spruced up! It has taken a fair bit of effort to get this far, and to tell the truth I am shattered - but the end (of this room) is in sight!

There are plans to carry on with the rest of the house, taking a room a month... perhaps a little slower depending on how much it costs and how much time it takes, but I would love to have the house sorted out and tidied up before the end of the year. Although it looks like a new boiler may also need to figure into the equation somewhere along the lines.

I managed a little time in Tilberthwaite during last week, but the weather and light were rubbish so I am not really all that happy with the results. Shame as I love the area!

The boys are loving this new layout though since they have now taken over what was the office to become a playroom and I have moved into an area of previously "dead" space behind the armchair in the living room. Especially now Hamish has started crawling and is everywhere and into everything!

Beyond house stuff the car is now in for repairs, and I am not feeling the love for my current courtesy car! Hopefully that will be getting changed for something more suitable today! I have injured myself being careless and distracted on a corkscrew, I have started the running program ready for December (pace currently around the 10m/mile which isn't too bad, but I need to keep that up for a lot further!) and I think that is about it.

Well, other than the fact that Jen and I have been together for three event filled years now which has seen us having Lachlan and Hamish also enter our lives. They have been good times though and I wouldn't be without any of them! Sometimes it seems like we have been together for so much longer and much of the past just falls away into a fog like those years never really happened.

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