Commissioned Work

Is there a unique piece of photographic art that you want, a view that is special to you or someone you know?

I offer a commissioned service to create that special photograph for you, please email me to discuss your requirements and we can discuss the details.

My usual approach is to take several photographs of any given scene, and then let you decide which version you like most of them, and any processing that you require or would like altered can be done as part of this process.

The final image will be printed in the size you require, and can be mounted or framed if you wish or this can be left for you to arrange locally. Usually there would only be a single print made, unless you request additional prints at the time of ordering or at a later date. They will not be made available for general sale or used in any of my own projects (although other photographs from the same shoot may be used as I see fit).

The cost of a commission depends on a number of factors such as ease of access and distance traveled and number of trips required to get your photograph. Obviously due to the one off nature of these photographs they are substantially more expensive than a standard print. This reflects the unique nature of each carefully crafted art work.