Continuing Thoughts

12th August 2013
Still getting used to the new set up, but some more thoughts are developing.

The Dell XPS 12 - it is good, very good. Superb battery life (I am working on it using the battery a lot, then plugging in to charge. The Sony didn't really let me do this efficiently so it tended to stay plugged in when in the house.

The screen is very nice, the keyboard/trackpad are a vast improvement over the Sony too. The only thing that is irking me... the lack of an SD card reader!

The Olympus OM-D - this little camera is really growing on me! The kit zoom that I have from the old E-PM1 seems to be holding it back a little and I am really feeling the need for a wide angle prime, a couple of flash guns, the 60mm macro and a set of filters! I can see me using this more than the Nikon to tell the truth!

Although I seem to have misplaced the flash unit. Ooops! I think the boys may have "found" it in my camera bag and made off with it somewhere. Hopefully it will turn up soon as I can't really afford to get a proper one just yet.

Onto other things - today has been busy and not wonderful. There was some superb light in the morning when I was in too much of a rush to take advantage of it, then it was a bit rubbish later on when I did get a chance to stop. This was the best I could manage:

Hopefully tomorrow is going to be better, but the weather is looking a little changeable.

Hamish slept through until 7am, which was wonderful! I am hoping that this may be a new trend, which means we only need to get the late nights knocked on the head now. Just about to cook dinner at 10pm since he has been running us ragged all evening.

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