07th June 2014
Whilst we are waiting to see what we can afford regarding moving we have been looking at a few houses and it has been causing great confusion. There are two front runners, both around the same price, both lovely in different ways.

House A is very rural, and very large. It has a good size garage built into it and a really nice garden. However, it does need a fair bit of work done in terms of modernising and has no central heating system. It also has a public footpath running down the drive.

House B is quite a bit smaller (118m2 as opposed to 164m2) but is immaculate and has a couple of killer features. It also has a nice large garden, but is less secluded being in a village and the garden is, as a result, less private. There is also no garage, although there is plenty of space to build one.

Until we know what is happening regarding funding it is entirely moot anyway... but it is still causing me massive perplexing thoughts. My heart lies in the rural house, my head says go with the village house - business wise it would probably make more sense being only 10minutes from the M6 (less actually) rather than 15-20 minutes. There is a village shop and Post Office down the road, two pubs and the village school is more or less at the end of the garden path.

It would be easier if I didn't love both houses as much - almost equally. I suspect if the numbers add up, and the funds are available then the village house would be the one to go with as it ticks more boxes, even if it is a good bit smaller! It also has central heating, which with the boys kinda seals it really!

Anyway - cup of tea and pontificate time!

There is a good chance something else will crop up before we are in a position to do anything... or one/both of these will sell!

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