Entries In - and Neil Oliver

02nd November 2017
I have my entries in for Outdoor Photographer of the Year, still a week left so I may chop and change a bit in the coming days... but I am reasonably pleased with those I have uploaded so far!

In other news I have been starting to read Clanship to Crofters's War by T.M.Devine who is very much in the Nationalist Camp. This has been amusing me as many of my friends who are very vocal nationalists have been criticising Neil Oliver for describing "the Clearances" as a migration event and that this makes him the wrong choice to preside over the National Trust for Scotland. Yet Tom Devine also refers to "the Clearances as being a migration event... infact he has mentioned it 3 times in the first 2 chapters of the book!

Back in the day (the mid 90's) I knew Neil as a Post Grad student whilst I was an Under Grad, we talked a few times and were at social events... he always struck me as being very committed to both archaeology and Scottish archaeology in particular with a strong sense of Scotland's place in the world. We never really discussed (to my memory) Unionism or Nationalism - it wasn't such a big thing back in the pre-Scottish Parliament days! I think he is a fantastic choice for the role - his interest is in the narrative of what happened and why, not it's political usage in current times. He is also not afraid to speak his mind when those in power do less than sensible things which impact on archaeological remains or historical sites. Exactly what you want from a chairman of the Scottish National Trust then!

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