Fitness Fail

02nd February 2015
The best intentions have hit a stumbling block. Well, two actually... the first has been a lack of time/daylight which is starting to ease now (it was more of a lack of time with daylight issue rather than a lack of time as such). The second, which is more of a problem, is down to injury. Not an overtraining injury or anything exciting like that - more an old injury that keeps recurring.

Some years ago I twisted my right knee swinging a heavy rucksack on my back on the West Highland Way. I was on some loose rocky ground and everything just wrenched - and neatly knackered the tendons that provide knee tracking and support. This has caused problems on and off ever since, but got worse after I again twisted my knee badly two or three years back. I did a lot of strengthening exercises which sorted it, then stopped - and it has returned.

So... back to the exercises to build things back up again. Redouble my efforts to shift some excess weight - and then hit the running and cycling again as soon as things ease up. I will succeed.

I hope.

The first "significant" birthday is looming on the horizon and I am damned determined to meet it head on and in better shape than I have been over the last decade. I am going to ignore my birthday itself, but I am not going to ignore my health.

I spent a part of today thinking that there are so many younger folk than myself who live in bigger, better houses. Drive nice cars which they own. Have exciting holidays which don't involve tents and dampness. Earn vast salaries. My old school friends are, by and large, way ahead of me on the earnings/comforts/trappings curve.

But then again - they are all looking very middle aged, and I am not. True I have had my stressors over the past few years, but I am trying not to let them get to me. If I can sort out my health I think that will pay even greater dividends on that front... and in the long run, that is way more important than earning the megabucks! I shall continue to keep my work/life balance firmly in check - even if it does mean being skint!

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