Getting Closer to Change

26th September 2017
I am starting to get to that point where something needs to change, the day job is becoming a chore and there is no sign of progressing that to something else. Which leaves only "Plan B"... go and do something different instead.

Having worked independently for the last 13 years (nearly) this is going to involve doing something new. It would be a bit of a leap of faith... but I have not had anything to put into a pension for the last decade so I am pretty much between a rock and a hard place anyway right now and need to do something about it. I need to build my on future.

Of course this means developing an idea I have had for a while, then just going for broke - selling our home to provide the capital and accepting that we will earn pretty much nothing for the first year or two!

I am not quite sure I am ready for it yet - but I have started sinking into that depression state that comes before a major shift in life. I can feel it building inside like a pressure cooker... this need to go and do something new. I want to create my own future - well - OUR own future since this would be a joint venture with Jen. Sometime over the next couple of years or so perhaps... get this house sorted out first to maximise our investment and ensure that we can fund things.

Of course it could all blow up, and we still need to decide exactly WHAT it is we are doing, and where we are going to do it (I have a couple of thoughts on both, as does Jen).

All exciting.

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