Happy New Year!

31st December 2012
Well things picked up late this afternoon, so I got out for a walk if not the Mountain Bike ride I had been planning, but not to worry - tomorrow is, after all, another year!

Here is a photograph proving that it doesn't rain all the time in Ulverston!

So, what are the plans for 2013 then?

Much the same as last year, but without a new born to complicate things! Although I am sure that going in with a toddler approaching the "terrible twos" and a baby who will become a toddler over the coming year will challenge me more than I expect (in a good way... I hope!).

My resolutions, such as they are - or goals at any rate:

1) Shift 10 - 16kg of weight, this should help improve general health and hopefully give me a wee bit more energy to boot.

2) Ride more! 2012 saw me get the mountain bike out again although not with any real urgency until the autumn. Next year I want to ride more, ride further, ride faster and ride harder. This ties in with 1 too.

I have a few guide books so to give some quantifiers - I plan to ride all the short and medium routes from the two main Lakes books this year (short = 10miles+ medium = 15-20 miles). I want to throw in some of the Yorkshire routes too, and perhaps a couple of all day jobs in the summer if I can work it in. I am also planning to ride with a few other folks this year too, much as I have come to love riding solo for the ability it gives me to really push myself, social rides can help develop trail skills better and also remind me why I love riding so much!

3) Run - nothing too serious, but if I can make it around the 10km fell race that I have been talked into next December I will be happy. Training to commence in the Spring!

4) Photography - just shoot more and push myself ever on! Perhaps actually make a start on one of the many projects I have ideas for this year too!

That should do me really. I am hoping for a more straightforward year than recent times to allow me to really throw myself into these projects (both life/fitness as well as photography!), and will continue my photo a day project to keep track of everything going on. I may even start or include here a bit about my attempts to get in shape, perhaps with photographic evidence.

Work is going to be a little more hectic this year due to events in the family, but I feel confident I can pick up the slack as well as everything else. My training program may have to be a little more flexible, but that is okay. I am hoping to fit some time in on the guitar again this year, but that is held up until Hamish starts going to bed and sleep at a reasonable time to allow me to pick up the Gibson course I started a while back again. I am hoping that I may get through the whole thing this year, but that may be one for 2014!

Travel plans for this year are not as extensive as I would like, with a trip to Ireland scheduled in and a trip down to Cornwall being the only things on the horizon. Hopefully we will get slightly further afield in 2014 and 2015 though!

All that is left is to wish everyone a Happy and Healthy New Year, and see you all on the other side!

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