Healing - slowly

22nd November 2016
The last couple of weeks have been slow.

Slow and painful!

But things are slowly starting to mend, and I have plans afoot for once the mending is done. 2016 has been, in health terms only, a complete disaster! Between injury and illness it has been one long lost cause. It has been a constant source of irritation... actually... something much more than irritation, I am just not quite finding the word for it tonight.

Anyway, the back is starting to heal. I can do more each day before the twinges start and that is a good thing. My fitness is at rock bottom as a result of the long lay off, so I am going to be looking to start rebuilding that as soon as I possibly can. Today was a solid illustration of how far it has sunk whilst attempting to test the alignment of the brakes, wheels and gears on the mountain bike in preparation for being better. I went up a short, moderate hill twice, and did one lap of the lane - all in all about half a mile. I was done.

The bike runs a single front chainring which should give me most of the useable range of the old 2x10 setup and I was struggling up a shallow hill in the lightest gear. This is being rectified by changing the front chainring for something 4 teeth smaller to give me more spin.

In the meantime I have been designing routes, dreaming dreams and getting excited about being back out there again... camera in backpack and shredding some trails!

Tomorrow I am going to attempt going out and doing some light work, see how things go. The weather is supposed to be good, so I may even get a photo or two!

Today's picture comes from a failed weekend of trying to get to Motorcycle Live - defeated by traffic, my knackered back and a decision to catch up with mates making more sense than looking at stuff we can't afford ;-)

Actually - it was a top weekend!

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