25th September 2013
First impressions of the Olympus 9-18mm zoom... it is a very useful and very versatile bit of kit!

Most of my work has been around 24mm full frame for some time, I was very "into" ultra wides for a while with the Canon set ups, using a 17-40mm zoom for much of the time. With the Nikon I haven't used the 12-24 anywhere near as much as I would have imagined generally sticking to the wider end of the 24-70mm zoom. This was a habit I got into in the latter days of the Canon where my 24mm prime was the weapon of choice.

The wee Olympus lens falls into almost the same range as the 17-40mm L that I loved, but is a fraction of the size and weight. It is a little slower too but I don't let that worry me too much. What it does provide though are wonderful images! I wasn't expecting to get anything out of today other than an initial field test, but these popped out the camera at me.

(And for the first time in a while, these photographs are uploaded to the site and available for purchase!)

This gives me a lot of confidence in using the Olympus a lot more in the future. I am keeping the cheapo kit lens which is actually very good in it's own right and want to add a 75-300mm zoom later on to provide me a wide range of focal lengths in a compact package. I still plan to invest in primes for both this system AND the Nikon though. Horses for courses and all that!

In other news Hamish has been unwell but seems to be improving ready for our trip away which we have been looking forward to for ages! I just hope he sleeps well tonight (he only just went down after 10pm!) and ideally Lachlan will do the same too!

I have a few other irons in the fire at the moment, photographically speaking, and hopefully things will develop further.

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