Interesting Possibilities

19th March 2017
Some interesting opportunities have popped up over the last few days which are going to need a little more investigation and planning.

It's just all so exciting!

Beyond that the weather has turned pretty grim the last few days, and I have had a bit of a nasty head cold too (which I have somehow managed to keep out of my lungs thus far). This scuppered our plans for a little bit of weekend adventures this week, and has further delayed my getting healthy. Next week is looking better though, and I have two bites at the cherry early in the week for some mountain biking - and I may manage to get myself to the gym too with a bit of luck and start getting this proper rehabilitation underway.

There is so much lining up for the next few weeks that I almost don't know exactly what life is going to look like once it has all run though. It could be the same, it could be very different. Just got to keep plugging away though. Interesting times!

The guitar practice has been going nicely though. Just playing a variety of other peoples tracks at the moment - and pushing myself until I am getting the lead parts note-perfect before moving on (still going back over each one each day, then spending the bulk of the session on either a new track, or one that needs improving). It is absolutely awesome to be playing again though, and I am finding that it is helping me focus on other things too - and find some peace in my mind from the turmoil of the past years.

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