It Occurred To Me....

04th April 2017
Reading a thread on another website about things that folk had always wanted it hit me... there is only one "thing" that fills that category for me. The one thing I wanted from the age of 10 right up until now.

It isn't a flash car or anything like that. It isn't even something entirely unattainable, but it is something that has remained out of my grasp non-the-less.

Yep, I would be happy... so very, very happy, with a really nice Gibson Les Paul Standard. £1,800 - £2,000, yes, it's a lot of money - but you would think by the time of life I am in now I would have managed it. Yet it remains out of my reach and, I suspect, will remain so for a very long time (if it ever does happen).

I guess there are just more important things in life than achieving one's childhood dreams.

To be honest the full dream involved a Marshall Bluesbreaker amp too, which adds an extra £2,800 to the price tag (for the extra nice, handwired version)!

I played that very combination once in a guitar shop when I was quite young... when it was so far beyond my financial reach that I am amazed they let a little oik have a go, and I have been smitten ever since!

So that's it - that combination was the dream. It will, I suspect, remain just that.

And you know what... I am absolutely fine with that! I suppose, at the end of the day, it is just "stuff", and in the greater scheme of things acquiring "stuff" really isn't important. Relationships, life experiences and ensuring that our children get the best of us is more important.

Maybe I will treat myself in another 20 years or so. If either are still available for less than the cost of a house by then that is!

Anyway... here is a photograph of the Lakes to try and balance things out a bit. It's all experience isn't it!

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