Karma Chameleon

11th March 2017
Been one of those weeks!

I don't know what I have done to upset the karmic balance... but on Thursday things were seemingly going well. I had a phone call the night before letting me know some stuff was sorted out and needing me to pop by Staveley the next morning. I arrived fearing the worst (a large bill) to be told that my bike repairs cost the princely sum of £16!

Happy days!

Off I went, decided to take a back lane for a change - and photographic opportunities - and took a rather nice landscape of the Lakes!

A few minutes later, I fell off the road. It took me an hour to dig myself out of the bog but eventually I set off home coated in mud. Seriously - I must have done something terrible for fate to throw that one at me ;-)

The mud smelled suspiciously "cowy"!

Next day we were heading into swimming when an old guy on a mobility scooter broke down in the middle of the dual carriageway leading through town. Jumped out, pushed him to safety and asked where he was going. Since his shopping trip was pretty much going to be a non-starter I then spent a while pushing him home to make sure he got there okay.

And karmic balance was, hopefully, restored!

Lets hope so anyway... I am working in a subterranean pumping station under a crematorium most of next week!

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