Lies and Deceit

02nd July 2016
It really is rife - everywhere you look people are fabricating the truth... manipulations for what purpose? To gain advantage or just to toy with others.

The thing is these deceptions are, eventually, uncovered. How much damage is done before hand is the issue. This whole thing runs deep in society from our top politicians to business leaders and right down to the man/woman on the street. Its as though people feel it is justified and, indeed, acceptable since it is so commonplace.

I look around me at the news, blogs, eloquent open letters written to our elite and wonder... perhaps the time has come for a seismic shift in our civilisation. A shift to something more honest and open where what people say is, infact, what they mean. The recent and very high profile corruption of the truth has brought everything into stark relief and I think this change MUST start at the top. Let's have politics rebuilt into something more fit for a modern civilisation.

If there is change, then perhaps... just perhaps... we can come out the other side of the current situation in a better place. The political class need to lead this change, and they would do well to listen to the words of wisdom coming out of the intelligentsia. Perhaps this well written letter to our MPs by the eminent Professor A C Grayling would be a good place to start.

It is time for the wider public to wake up too, see where we are all being lied to by not just the political classes - but the wider population. We need to take a stand, shine light into the darkness and lay bare the lies that we are being told everyday.

Take back control.....

Or take to the streets! (This was Ulverston Carnival today... so not really a political rally!)

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