27th June 2013
I spent a little time this evening playing the guitar - fortunately the boys were enjoying it, which is an improvement!

Hopefully I will start finding a little more time to practice again now that I have re-organised myself with guitars hung up on walls nearby, the practice amp (and small gigging amp) hooked up and ready to go and various books stacked up ready. I suspect it may wait until the nights start drawing in a little more - no idea why, but it just seems a nice way to spend some time on a dark and dismal evening.

Just picking up different instruments brings back different memories. Some good, some bad - fortunately there is only one guitar that is a repository for very negative memories which I keep thinking of selling on for that reason... but at the same time perhaps it would make a good camping guitar where it could become filled with good times or if it were broken wouldn't really be too upsetting!

There is one, though, which is just an instant time machine back to the glory days. It has been through thick and thin with me - and if I was saving one from an inferno it would be this one:

Rock on!

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