Mobility Restored

09th August 2013
The new laptop made a surprise appearance today!

Taken a fair bit of work so far to get the software build on, and there is still some to go (my mapping software being probably the largest single task remaining, once I get the details from the developers again!).

Initial impressions of the Dell - the keyboard is much better for typing on, the screen is nice, although perhaps not as nice as the Sony and I am not 100% convinced by the flip screen in use, but the concept is better than the always exposed screen on the Sony. The biggest shortcoming though - no SD card reader build in! I am going to have to buy a small plug in one for downloading photographs whilst we are away, and perhaps get a new external hard drive whilst I am at it.

Looking forward to getting set up and running properly though!

We also got a new satellite dish installed today, the engineer was amazed we were getting any reception at all! We had started to lose it completely when it rained or was windy a while back, but it was starting to drop signal on perfectly bright and sunny days too so something had to be done.

All in all quite a busy day for me, and no doubt for Jen too who has been away visiting friends in Manchester with the boys (and is due back imminently). I did manage a sneaky pint though which was a joy that I don't get all that often.

I took today's photograph whilst popping into town for some Guinness earlier on. A good excuse to try the 14mm Lumix pancake lens, which performs very nicely. I am yearning for something a little wider though, a 12mm would do or - ideally - something a little wider still (9-10mm) but I don't think there is a prime in that range as yet for the micro4/3 system. There are some expensive zooms that may have to be considered if all else fails.

It occurs to me that I have barely touched the Nikon over the last few days, but then I fully expected to be saving that for the big, serious stuff (although the Olympus is going to take some of those duties too where portability are an important consideration!)

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