Rain Rain Go Away...

22nd November 2017
But please don't come back another day!

It is utterly grim out there. The sky has barely lightened since last night and the rain just keeps coming - and is set to carry on all day and all night. The area is on flood alert and I am keeping a watch eye on the beck.

So... what to do on a day like this. Well I have run off a couple of estimates to try and drum up some work, lit the fire and worked out some dietary macros and exercise program to try and drag this body into some semblance of health. When I am physically more healthy I tend to find my mind follows suit - plus the way I like to get healthy and which works for me involves being outside and doing "nature" and stuff which has been shown to be a massive help too.

That can all wait for a another day or two though! Right now I am going to have some tasty lunch from the Bakehouse in Greenodd (when Jen get's home with it), drink some coffee and wait for the boys to come home from school. If tomorrow is a better day then I may try and break out my new plan then. I have lights for the bike, a headtorch coming soon (hopefully today) and the initial stirring of motivations.

I always find that motivation, especially when things get on top of you, is a hard thing to catch and nurture. Jen has been doing some storming work this last few weeks and is starting to gain some momentum now whilst I have been languishing in this fug. I know what I need to do, I have everything I need to do it (nearly)... it's just forcing myself out that is the issue. I think for starters I will be walking the dog up Colton Hill in a short 20 minute loop (with a big uphill slog), and probably cycling the same - just a short sharp burst - for the first week or two. That will give me a bit of a lift and then I can build on that. Once I can cycle to the top of Colton Hill without stopping that is!

Lets see if this works... it seems a whole lot better than medication!

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