13th June 2015
And the living is not so much easy as hot, sticky and messy! Yes, we have had our annual mini-heatwave in the Lakes now and I suspect that is it!

I was just flicking through the website and thinking I need to put a bit more work up over the coming months, and should probably get on with some promotion and getting prints out there into galleries around the Lakes.

Thinking about it... and at some stage I will try and do more than just that!

The plans that were being made went a bit awry which would have helped - but that is okay. There are new plans to make, and new ideas and scenarios to work through.

Here is a shot of Aldingham though....

Over the coming months I want to start getting into the panoramics a whole lot more. I have started to put together a specific panoramic set up, but I really need to find more bits and bobs yet!

All said and done though, the best season for photography in the Lakes has passed now and we are into the "green" season. That isn't to say that great photography opportunities aren't still on the cards, but they are fewer and further between relying on dramatic storm lighting or my (in)ability to get sunrise and sunsets through this time of year.

Roll on September! I really want to be in a place where I can start working on some of my many projects later this year. Which one I start with depends on just where life has taken us by that point!

In the meantime operation HIIT has not got off to a great start! I really must try and get a second session in tomorrow to make this week worthwhile! My intention was 2 sessions in week one and then build it to 3 sessions per week from next week for the remaining 3 weeks of my initial phase. It is still just about possible to keep it on track! Work just keeps getting in the way (and not in a productive manner... alas)!

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