One Week of Fitbit

29th April 2016
I took the decision to get a Fitbit about a week ago, and have been wearing it since. Although I have been trying to just live my "normal" routine of the last few months I have found that just because I am logging food/water intake and have a constant reminder of how much I am (or am not) doing it is pushing me to be a little more conscientious.

The baseline is a useful tool though as I now know where I am in terms of activity, diet and fitness. It isn't as bad as I feared though with a resting pulserate around 63 the enforced layoff hasn't had too much impact. Weight is up a little, but not excessively, and I can see where my diet, sleep and water intake can be improved.

So this is next weeks plan. Nothing drastic... not yet... just a slight tweaking to everything and trying to hit the basic daily goals I have set myself (10,000 steps, 7 hours sleep, 1.9l water and a 1000kcal deficit). This is very achievable, the trickier bit is to try and get 30mins exercise 5 times per week. For this week that could be a short walk or bike ride (if I can get the garage straightened out enough). As goals are met regularly I will increase them - I have an idea of where I want to get to from past experience... it's just trying to fit that into my current life!

In terms of end results - general health and fitness is the goal I am shooting for. This is all about improving quality if life, and making sure I am in as good a shape as I can be for the family for years to come!

So, that is the background to *why* I have gone for this device (and I like numbers and results I can track before they become physically apparent - it can be rewarding and encouraging). I am hoping to update on the blog as time goes by with probably a review or two of the system. I have previously used the Polar trackers, which were good... but flawed in their own way (possibly better for "serious" athletic endeavour, but perhaps less good for, erm, my level!)

In other news. The weather has been crazy cold for the end of April! I have suffered outside a couple of times getting properly chilly! It has made for a more dramatic landscape though!

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