Out of Sorts

29th October 2014
I am not feeling entirely myself tonight... or perhaps I am remembering who I was and what used to make me tick... I am not entirely sure.

Listening to music, that may have been something that set it all off. It is a while since I just listened to stuff, nothing else to distract me... I went from this to playing some guitar and browsing some amplifiers which I can't afford. Chasing dreams I once had perhaps.

Life is at a bit of a crossroads for a variety of reasons. Do we stay or go, and if we go - where do we go to? I want to rekindle some of my passion for life, for music and books, photography and adventure - everything seems to be subdued at the moment. Dulled and the luster gone.

There are things I could do. I could read in the evenings, or pick up the acoustic and try and find where I left me skills all those years ago. I could make time in the week for a little bit of adventure - I just don't, and I think it is because my comrades in arms are dissipated and remain unreplaced or irreplaceable in my life. Old riding buddies, bandmates and mountaineering partners are blown away like autumn leaves - or is it me whom has been blown away? Perhaps a bit of both. People have moved physically and moved on, I have done both. Perhaps I need to replace that social element of my life and everything else will fall into place, although I am not entirely sure that I can do that anyway.

In the meantime I suppose my only option is to chip away at it all myself and see if anything crops up.

A photo of the Lakes taken today. It was nice to return to some sunshine!

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