Puritii... Water Made Good?

06th July 2016
I have been having a bit of a field test of the Puritii Water Filter system over the past few weeks and thought I would share my views and impressions.

The system is a small filter, not unlike the units fitted to some fridges - just much smaller, that slots into a water bottle with a straw attached to the bottom. The bottle I had is an insulated stainless steel affair which is very nicely made and has a handy carabiner loop on one side for easy dangling off whatever you are carrying! It is a nice size bottle for walking, although unfortunately it is a bit too fat at the base to fit into my van's dash cup holder! All in all I am pretty impressed with the quality of materials used though and, despite some clumsy bashing about it is still looking neat!

The magic though is the filter - this little plastic cylinder removes pretty much every bacteria, virus and chemical pollutant from the water that you put in. Now... I have never been one to shy away from drinking from upland streams in the UK, so long as I check a reasonable distance upstream for dead sheep. This has always been one of the joys of being in the hills - that cold, crisp mountain water just tastes heavenly on a hot day. However I would shy away from drinking out of... say... rivers. Especially when I know that there are septic tanks linked in further upstream!


So testing this system out what did I do... well... obviously I filled it up straight out of the River Esk! Now this isn't a polluted watercourse by any means, but I do know it has barely treated sewage effluent going into it, as well as treated effluent. The water out the flask tasted pretty good - there were no obvious foul flavours in there, perhaps a slightly metallic taste, but nothing unpleasant. Having drunk my fill (and I was THIRSTY!) I waited with trepidation for 24 hours and... nothing... nada... everything was fine!

I have tried it on a few other sources of slightly dubious provenance and had a pretty similar experience, so all in all it is very good!

My only criticism is that the flow rate is pretty slow and it takes some good suction to pull water through the filter. That is to be expected really as the filtration is so fine it is going to create quite a lot of resistance to the flow. Put another way, a little resistance is considerably better than a little dose of the Collie Wobbles!

What would I like to see in the future... well - if you could attach the filter to a Camelbak bladder that would be really handy! On those big days out mountain biking that I used to love (sadly I no longer get the time!) being able to refill the bladder from ANY source would be a dream! Even better, although I suspect this one is impossible, if the filter could remove salt! I tried to use the bottle in Shetland but all the water was Brackish or straight sea water which is, unfortunately, way out of the abilities of even this useful bit of kit!

I am looking forward to trying it out on more sources to see if that slightly metallic taste goes away with use! But should you be in the market for a filtration system that you could use in the UK Hills, or travelling to remote countries with questionable water quality, I would have to suggest giving this little beauty a try. The price is a fair bit higher than the competition on first glance at £76 for a plastic bottle and £90 for a metal one, but the cheaper units don't deal with virus' as this one claims. Having a one stop solution makes life much easier than filtering and then treating with UV, and that makes the additional cost much less of an issue.

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