Reality Check

29th July 2013
I am feeling really rather down at the moment.

We all have a mental image of how we think we look, and sometimes you see a photograph that gives you a stark reality check. I got one of those a couple of days ago... on the left how I look, and on the right how I think I look:

I am kind of at a loss as to what to do about it, from photoshopping it is mostly my gut/love handles that need to be sorted out. What I don't know is whether it is a pure weight loss issue or a core strengthening issue instead/as well. Guess it won't hurt to work on the latter whilst trying to work on the former.

It hasn't helped my mood the fact that my laptop of only a few months old was killed by the rain, or that my main lens had to go away for repairs (which have proved damn expensive), or lack of sleep from the boys (Hamish won't sleep at night/Lachlan wakes up early), or stress, or the fact that my mouth is full of ulcers again.

Just feeling run down and ganged up on by the world at the moment. I am not feeling inclined to do anything I really want to do, my photography is suffering at the moment through lack of inspiration and active determination and I am generally feeling a little pointless and redundant in life.


Sometimes I need to go through this phase to come back re-energised to do something about life (usually the physical appearance side). But I will probably be a bit of a grump for a few days first... it is that period of self loathing that really gets things moving.

On the plus side, the mouth ulcers and general feeling of unwellness that have been brought on by exhaustion and stress have really put me off eating. I think the last "proper" meal I had was a BLT at lunchtime on Sunday.

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