Recovery Continues

17th May 2016
The last few days have been interesting. The bandages came off yesterday and the wounds were clean, tidy and - importantly - not infected! They have been redressed, but the bandages are staying off.

There is nothing more to be done now beyond pain killers as needed (I am trying to keep off the Codine now, I am mainly taking the paracetamol to help with the swelling too) until the staples come out in just over a weeks time.

It is frustrating not being able to do much though - I can't even sit at this desk for long working on old photographs - I have so many that really should be processed up for new galleries and such like! Perhaps in a few days I may get onto that! My mind has been too foggy to even think of exciting things to do with my newly recovered mobility (that is to come).

Today's achievement was walking down and out the front door, up the lane to the back drive and in the back door. Even if it was in Crocs - the only footwear that I can actually manage at the moment, and probably until the staples come out.

Still upbeat, just bored - but too fuzzy headed to do anything productive, frustrated at being cooped up, uncomfortable (but bearable levels of pain now) and slightly amused at my complete lack of stability when on my left foot!

I will try and update about something interesting at some stage!

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