Stability is Restored!

19th May 2014
It has taken a while, but we now have somewhat more respectable broadband. Averaging 50Mb/Sec as opposed to 4 on the downstream, and 20 meg up the way over the 2 we used to "enjoy".

What does this mean...

Well, for starters it allows me to start really getting to grips with the back catalog going onto Alamy and Getty for starters, plus it will make uploading new content to this site easier as I am putting full resolution(ish) files on now to facilitate digital downloads. This was a key driver behind the redesign. It will also help me with ambitions to start playing about with video in the future.

Otherwise I am embarking on a new push on the fitness front. The bike got out for the first time in ages last week and I am hoping to get out at least two or three times this coming week (today's was cancelled due to excessive heat breaking down into massive thunderstorm and downpour). Tomorrow morning it is then!

Dietwise things have been edging in the right direction with a mix of the Hairy Dieters and 5:2. I need to be a little more dedicated to both going forward and we have been derailed a touch with Lachlan's birthday.

A recent aid to the fitness/weight drive has been the purchase of a Polar Flow which is helping motivate me to move more, infact I think this will deserve a Reveiew of it's own!

For the moment though, a photo of Lachlan enjoying himself at his Birthday Party on Sunday! Three years old, how the time has flown!

Finally - I really have to remember to get knuckled down to sorting out my Landscape Photographer of the Year entries sorted out! I can't remember if I entered a shot last year (which I intended to) or not... it is in the list to have gone in, but I have this strong feeling that it never made it due to an administrative error on my part. And it is very, very good!

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