The Aftermath

22nd September 2014
Well... Thursday night did not go as many of my friends expected, Scotland remains - for now - a part of the United Kingdom and the World keeps a turning.

Which is a shame.


Well, I think the political system in the UK is broken. Not just a little bit, but a whole lot. Scotland stood poised to shake up the entire system for the better by forging it's own path to a fairer and more just society with greater emphasis on green technology and the environment.

Whilst the Westminister Elite offered greater powers as a last minute desperate lunge to save the union nothing suggested has yet gone far enough to make the real change this country needs. We need a government to actually put together proposals to create a much fairer, proportional federal state, with an elected lower and upper house on a PR system for the overall governance of the state with full home-rule powers to Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland - whilst breaking England into smaller components of around 5 million people along regional boundaries. Again, all on a PR voting system.

This would help us, as a nation, move towards a fairer and more modern and dynamic union than the present shambolic system or any of the proposed solutions being put forward by the main political parties.

So, of course, it will never happen. This lack of foresight WILL result in the very thing that the status quo were trying to avoid... the dissolution of the Union.

On happier notes, here is a picture of all the family together again after a top weekend in Stirling!

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