The Long Drive and a little disappointment...

05th November 2017
The dream job... well... it didn't happen. It is a shame, but given I haven't applied for a job in about 17 years I am not surprised! I really needed a lot more time to prepare my application and get it right.

Still - the world keeps turning and I just fall back to Plan A which is much more of the long game.

Today's big drive up to Glasgow and back has left me, as usual, completely exhausted. I am sure that someday this is going to lead to some major health issue or another - my heart rate was up at 120bpm from about 6pm when I left Glasgow (having already driven there from the Lakes, arriving at 5ish), and stayed right up there until long after I got home. Apparently this is entirely safe though, so who am I to judge eh?

One thing that I did reflect on though, the wee car really is an absolute joy to drive - it has rekindled my love of just driving... going somewhere for no apparent reason! It is an occasion, a bit special... even if the car itself is very second hand. The endless raft of commercial vehicles had seriously killed my love of being behind the wheel, this has been the antidote I needed!

The weekend was great though. Dakota came down with a really nasty cold/chest infection - she probably should have stayed at home in bed. A good dose of Calpol and some extra vitamins seemed to help a fair bit so we managed to get out to the fireworks display at Cartmel (which was absolutely fantastic) on Saturday, and then a bit of playtime at Fell Foot this morning.

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