The Mission!

20th August 2017
Well, things have been slow and difficult for some time, but we are heading to the end of August now and, hopefully, getting back into a more normal routine again! I am going through a bit of a reassessment thing just now - and hopefully managing to "reset" myself back to my standard. These last few years have been full of stress, anxiety and general bad mojo which has impacted on everything in my life - relationships have suffered, energy levels have been low, health has been shaky and I have just been feeling like I am falling apart at the seams most of the time.

So... how is it all going to change.

First off is that I am going to make more of a conscious effort to be healthy - physically and mentally. I started on the Couch to 5k (for the third time) a couple of weeks ago and am going to try and carry on with that through the remaining 6 weeks of the program. We got a family membership to a local hotel's health club sorted out last week which I will try and make use of a couple of times a week (and this may give me a bit of an alternative for the C25K if the weather is utterly grim in the coming weeks)... and once we get back into the school routine I am going to try and get the mountain bike back out and happening again too.

I also need to concentrate on at least a couple of other things - photography and music. Both have really fallen by the wayside over the years. The music died back in the early 2000s and photography has taken a real hit since children came along. Neither need a whole lot of time as such, but a little guitar and writing each week and a good attempt at getting myself out into some fantastic light each week would be a good start. I have set up an extra stock account to try and motivate myself and once I am back up with my game I will try and get back into Getty.

I have plans beyond this, but just now that will do! Next year is going to have some new challenges lined up which both Jen and myself want to throw ourselves into. We need to be fitter and more mentally prepared for them though - and the best bit is... the things we are working on will make the childrens lives more exciting too!

So - this is me getting my mojo back on last week!

I proved to myself that day that I have still "got it" I just need to allow myself to do so. I know I can be very self defeatist at times - and have always been my own worst enemy. When I set my mind to something though - when I want something enough - it happens. At least it used to. I have forgotten this confidence and purpose and getting that back is key to everything.

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