The More Things Change...

19th April 2017
The more they stay the same. The Government is currently trying to launch an early election to gain a larger majority to justify their particular vision of how the country should look going forward. I can't say I support the idea, but if the younger voters can be convinced to get out and take part then perhaps... just perhaps... we can actually change the direction of this country and save it from itself.

Otherwise we have been having quite the few days here. Easter weekend we were out at Lowther Castle chasing dragons with the boys in the rain. Weather aside it was a good trip and we got home exhausted. Monday we set off up to Glasgow to spend the night with friends before Tuesday's formalities of wrapping up the Court Order against my ex-wife to allow my daughter to spend a meaningful amount of time with us.

It has been a long road to get where we are now that has been massively stressful and, frankly, exhausting - but at the end of the day we have finished up with what we were looking for right from the start. It should never have needed to go through the courts really, but when obstacles and blockades are springing up everywhere you sometimes need to pass responsibility to a third party in order to get things resolved.

At the end of the day though the ruling benefits my daughter by allowing her to spend a good amount of time with me and, possibly more importantly for her long term, with her brothers. We will be able to have some wonderful adventures, and she will get opportunities that she would otherwise never have.

After court we needed a little time to recharge before heading for home so lunch at Topolabamba which was very, very tasty indeed followed by a quick coffee and catch up with another friend who came in from Cambuslang to see us at one of our favourite pubs in the city (Drury's) to set up for a long drive back home.

So that was the weekend, now we are well into the last week of the school holidays and it's time to have a few adventures with the boys!

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