The View Ahead

01st January 2018
We have made it into the New Year after a highly mixed 2017 which came with highs and lows.

A quick synopsis of the main events - April saw the completion of the long running court action to allow Dakota to spend some meaningful time with us. We finally had the myriad of roadblocks and hurdles pushed out the way so we could get on with things properly. It was a hugely positive moment in the year!

The joy was tempered a short while later in May when we lost our old dog Jake. May the Forth be with you old pooch! I took a photo an hour before he went, which is still very poignant.

The loss was muted a few weeks later when we met Roki for the first time, and shortly after took the whole family to visit him as Dakota was heading back to Glasgow (it was a good excuse to stop off in Carlisle enroute). He has grown fast from the tiny thing we first met into a huge blue merle collie currently curled up by my feet. All three of the children love him, and he loves them too! They are all a pack together!

The summer saw us all off on holiday to Mull, an absolutely stunning part of the country and one that we have completely fallen in love with!

Autumn came with another loss and another adventure. Floss, everyone's favourite cat, went to cancer very suddenly. He has left a bit of a hole in all our lives and is very much missed.

On the bright side we went for a lovely few days away for our first wedding anniversary to Pitlochry, which was fantastic! We were married not far from there and spent a lot of time over the subsequent break in 2016 in that area that it has become very much one of "our" places!

Since then it has all been reasonably drama free, and this is part of the mission for 2018. We are going to focus on ourselves for a bit, look after mind, body and spirit... a bit of healing is in order as we push away the negative to spend more time living, loving and laughing.

And sleeping! Oh how we need to get our sleep patterns sorted out.

Between the ongoing unfolding social and economic disaster of Brexit and Trump, the negative people that still impact ourselves and our friends and the ongoing social and environmental catastrophes that plague this planet there is a lot to get you down. Whilst I fully expect to get angry at the big stuff that comes along, I can happily ignore the small, insignificant scratchings that try to get under your skin and which all the ranting, shouting and mental anguish can do nothing to resolve.

I won't bore you with details of how we are going to achieve this state of Nirvana, I haven't entirely worked it out myself as yet... but I have some ideas! I also want to take more, and better, pictures... perhaps finally get the start of a music project going... and do some learning - my brain is feeling very slow and stuffy these days! As I say - this is the year of mind, body and spirit.

But for now we still have a few days with Dakota and the boys to enjoy so I think it is time to plan a New Year's Day adventure, weather depending, and look forward to the changes that we can make to our lives for the better in 2018!

Happy New Year!

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