The Weekend Which Was Needed

07th May 2017
Home at last, and it has been a very well timed weekend. We had Dakota here for a weekend of adventures and fun. Both she and the boys had been looking forward to it for ages.

It couldn't have come at a better time for us, the day before I picked her up we had a terrible day. Our dog, Jake, died on Thursday.

He hadn't been right for a while, but this week he deteriorated. He developed a nasty cough and his back legs became very unstable. We took him to the vets, or at least that was the intention, but he passed away whilst walking through the churchyard and never made it that far. He died in our arms and saved us having to make a near impossible decision which we are both very grateful for. Both myself and Jen have been hugely upset by this, the boys have taken it in their stride (he went to doggy heaven and is a puppy again playing there... this makes them happy!). Dakota was very matter of fact about it, a little sad - but she has a bit of a strange relationship with the concept of death which must be the result of confusing conversations elsewhere).

We are in bits though and missing his strange ways.

As to what comes next, I have absolutely no idea at the moment. But a weekends break from thinking about it all has been just what we needed.

I took this picture just before we set off for the vets, I knew - but didn't want to admit - that this was going to be it for him.

Here are a few more photographs of the adventures that we have had with our wonderful doggy friend over the last decade. He is going to be missed terribly.

(This was taken on his last big hill adventure)

Here are a few shots from yesterday's adventure to Wray Castle with all three children as a bit of a cheer up!

So... I guess it is time to have some new adventures. Perhaps we will eventually have another doggy companion too (I am being ganged up on, and I never win the arguments!)

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