This fitness malarky...

30th January 2017
It really isn't everything it is cracked up to be!

January has pretty much been and gone and whilst I have done a little bit of exercise - the emphasis is certainly on "little". Time and weather have been my undoing - but I have made a start on my 5km Project so it hasn't been a completely lost month.

Perhaps February will be kinder, but looking at the long range forecasts I am not going to put too much store in that idea!

Today I went for a wee walk though, took the Nikon and 50mm f1.4 to see what I could do. It was quite fun working with a very constrained lens - the closest I have in terms of making the camera see as I do in terms of perspective. To give a similar field of view I opted for some stitched panoramics (as well as a few straight single frame shots).

I quite liked the results, and the fact it made me work in a different way to either the 24mm wide angle or 85mm short tele which are my usual "go to" option.

I may try a bit more of this!

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