Thoughts Going Out

18th September 2015
The last couple of days has been filled with bad news. Some friends lost a baby, and having gone through that there is no amount of sympathy that I wouldn't give them. It is a horrible time that feels never ending (I must admit, I dealt with it pretty badly - locking myself away in the house for a couple of weeks and barely interacting with anyone until I forced myself to try and get on with life).

This was compounded yesterday when an editor of a magazine I read - who happens to be a friend of a number of my friends as well, announced she was giving up her career having been diagnosed with level IV lung cancer. She has weeks to live and wants to make the most of them - such a stoic and brave person, I think I would have gone to pieces myself.

It has all left me feeling very angry at the world. Especially given the ongoing refugee crisis, the rampant acceleration of global warming and the vast inequalities that we face - not just as a nation, but as a species. What is more important, the grass verges being mowed in Essex or the lives of hundreds of thousands fleeing a war torn part of the world and risking their and their families lives to get somewhere they have at least a chance of having something close to a normal existence... the grass verges comment was brought up by a UKIP politician recently complaining about money being spent on these "foreigners".

The time is long past where petty, jingoistic nationalism should have been consigned to history. We need to pull together as a species to tackle these massive problems we face, we need to be more equal, more caring of one another and more willing to tackle the environmental problems that we have perpetuated on the globe.

Today I feel quite sad. Sad on a personal level for those experiencing loss... sad on an empathetic level for the suffering that a friend of a friend (and by all accounts a thoroughly lovely person whom I, alas, will now never meet myself) is facing, and especially sad that we live in a world where having a grass verge mown is more important than the lives of thousands. What is wrong with us as a society and a species?

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