Time for Pill Popping!

18th February 2017
It has struck me of late that I am really, really run down. It has seeped into every aspect of life this feeling of lethargy, lack of motivation, stress and general malaise. It's not a debilitating thing, but also not insignificant - I have ignored it too long and it is time to start trying to tackle it head on.

So, before giving in completely and going to the Docs for blood tests I am going to try something else. A few carefully selected supplements is my starting point - mainly Cod Liver Oil, Vitamin D and Vitamin B Complex. There are a couple more that I am toying with (Zinc and Magnesium) but I am going to give this smaller selection a try for a couple of weeks first and see if that starts to turn me around.

It has got to the stage I haven't really been motivated to go out and do *anything* for the last 12 days (beyond work). The creativity is there in my mind for photography, the urge is there to go out and mountain bike/explore... just the motivation to get up has completely left me. Well... almost. I managed to force myself out today, overcome the malaise to actually do something. My resting heart rate is screaming at me that something isn't working right and I just felt I needed to go out and do something for me for a change. Let's call it a "mental health day"! The ride itself was not long - just a bit over 5 miles - but it was good. Lots of up and down hill, a nice amount of offroad and whilst easy terrain it was *just* technical enough to be fun.

I think it is just what I needed!

Being straight from the door, and taking about an hour in my current unfit state, it is just about right to make some significant impact on my health too! Perhaps not getting me into a racing snake, but knock some of the rough edges off so I can start enjoying life a wee bit more again.

If I can get this right it should feedback into my photography. My vision is still there, but the enthusiasm for getting out is not. Sometimes even the desire to stop when passing a stunning scene is just not there either, which is really shocking!

So... 2 weeks... that gets me into early March, if it hasn't picked up then I will add a couple more minerals and leave it another 2 weeks... and if that doesn't work then I will pop to the docs for some blood works I think!

I need to get my energy levels back, my enthusiasm back and then be able to feed that back into my family!

I took this photo last week in a rare moment of enthusiasm!

There is actually a lot more going on behind the scenes which is all very, very exciting so I need to be ontop of my game to make the most of it! But right now we have an incoming rockstar whom is staying the night so I best get the fire lit and make the house a bit more welcoming!

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