Time to Redefine

07th August 2015
I am on a mission...

I read a book "Juice Yourself Slim" by Jason Vale over the last few days, and whilst it is pretty controversial (but it is following a concept that I was discussing with my eldest brother a short while ago that intrigues me, and he knows stuff), it had some really interesting concepts in it. The one that caught my eye was to approach nutrition and *everything* else in life in the same way - namely what we can do to make ourselves the best version of ourselves.

This idea has been sitting in my mind now for a few days, working it's way from my unconscious thoughts into my consciousness, all the while growing in stature and, you know what... I think Mr Vale has a point. I don't take a great deal of care of myself physically or emotionally - actually, that may be an understatement - but the point remains, how can you make yourself a better you if you don't take the time to look after yourself?

A looming "significant" birthday is really starting to make me think about my life - what I have done with it thus far, where it has been good and where it has been less good. I can see a lot of the negative stuff has come from my lack of care, or lack of confidence, in myself. With a few weeks to go I want to change the tune and go into the coming years in a much better state than has plagued me for a great many years. How successful this will be I don't know - time is always in very short supply after all - but I need to try something before it really is too late!

There are so many aspects of life that I want to redefine as part of this "experiment" but I think baby steps are the answer. A bit more reading, a bit more music... actually doing some exercise and the things I *LOVE*.

Naturally photography is going to feature in this redefinition. A few more planned shoots, perhaps some early morning starts for dawn light - or late dashes for the sunsets and twilight. I know I have the skill in photography to do much, much more with it (hey - you don't win awards and competitions at a national and international level without them - and I have achieved both over the years), but with less than brilliant light you are fighting an uphill battle. I still have ambitions, they are just buried and hidden from view - and generally buried deep enough to be out of my mind - but if I don't chase my dreams then I am not really me am I?

Anyway, I have been trying something different recently to get my mind working in preparation. Shooting mono! It is an exercise in exploring texture and composition without letting colour get in the way and distracting me!

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