Very Disappointed...

02nd June 2017
... is all that May could say about Trump's withdrawl from the Paris Agreement. Climate change is way more serious than something to be "disappointed" about and says more about the attitudes of the (current) UK Government regarding this most serious of threats to the worlds environments and global security. What a great way to mark the midpoint of the year - and I was thinking the first half had been pretty good (at least in personal terms)

To be honest - the actions of both Trump and the Conservative Government in this country over this matter are disgusting. It is a self centred, ill educated attitude that is all about short termism and profit. Those in the poorest nations, the most inhospitable parts of the world, will be the first to suffer the effects of climate change - they will have to move away from their homes searching for *somewhere* they can survive. This population displacement is going to hit us in the regions which will be less effected along with our own climatic degradation, and I hope that we have the humanity to let them in, not build walls and turn inwards - afterall, this situation is largely our fault in the developed nations of the world.

Watching the final "leaders" debate of this election cycle on TV this week I was struck at the attitudes displayed by the right wing parties regarding environmental protection and climate change which was completely at odds with the more progressive parties. It leaves me hopeful that perhaps, just perhaps, we could see a progressive alliance in Parliament to shake up the nation, change our democracy into a modern system and start pushing through more environmentally aware policies.

We are running out of time. We need to change.

In other news, we managed to get out for a bike ride earlier in the week. A 17.8km loop out from the house to the jetty on Coniston Water. It was all road, but nice quiet lanes. We even managed to miss the rain!

I am having time to ponder on such things this morning - I got up reasonably early thinking about the jobs I had to get done... then remembered I don't need to be in Carlisle to pick up Dakota until 5pm so could have stayed in bed a couple of hours longer! Not to worry, I have managed to be productive.

But now I need coffee!

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