Waiting on a Car

06th March 2013
I am waiting for my car to be serviced at the moment, sat up at my parents house as I am getting the work done by a local mechanic over this way. It has been a while since I have walked up through the village and past my old school.

Otherwise this morning has been spent booking up the ferry for our early holiday this year, I have some accommodation still to sort out but that can be done in a day or two as I am waiting to see if a friend is going to be able to help us out. If so we head to Donnegal for a few days, if not then it is looking like the Mountains of Mourne are going to be a good option.

There is still time to change my mind though as the Donnegal coast is very tempting!

I am hopefully close to sorting out a camera bag type system to enable better shooting far from the beaten path. Whilst my big Kata Reporter bag is wonderful for general use and weddings it isn't so handy for walking or cycling. I have a Kata backpack too, but that prevents me carrying the other things needed for a day out on the hills, or simply carrying child related items with me. So I am opting for a waist pack, and a very weather proof one at that.

My first attempt, arriving today, is an Ortlieb number which is about as weather proof as you can get. I have a couple of fallback options if it isn't suitable, but I need it sorted soon as we are getting into the weather for adventures now! I am having continued thoughts about getting a small compact system to run alongside the big SLR too, but that is going to have to wait.

The other thing(s) I am needing soon - walking boots! Mine are in a sorry state so I am considering getting rid of all my massive collection and replacing the lot with 2 pairs. A lightweight set for general day to day use and a heavier set for proper hill days. I don't really have any need for 4 season mountaineering boots at the present time (unfortunately).

Which brings me onto thinking about this years challenges. I want to get out into the hills more in the Spring/Summmer/Autumn. The last couple of years have been derailed by children and life in general - but we are now coming to the point where we can start having adventures again. I am also planning to tick off all the short to mid length mountain bike routes in the various Lake District guidebooks I have over this year, and on top of that start training for the Sticky Toffee 10k at the back end of the year! Training starts in a few weeks for that (yes, I am waiting for Spring to kick in properly before I start abusing myself that much!)

A lot of stuff is now behind us, although there is still some stresses to be worked through, but with some luck everything is going to start falling into place over the next couple of months. I may not get the uncomplicated 2013 I was hoping for in it's entirety, but a good stab at it will do me nicely!

On the downside, just entered my lottery numbers and got one wrong! Hey ho...

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