08th April 2013
Stopped off in Wasdale today for a spot of lunch, I keep forgetting how spectacular it is up there!

Of course the big news event of the day was the death of Margaret Thatcher. The first woman (and thus far only woman) to rise to the position of Prime Minister, and I think that in itself is something that she and her family could be justifiably proud of. Whilst I don't agree with her politics there must be respect for both what she achieved and when she achieved it. The late 1970's was not a time of equality in this country. As I said, I don't agree with her politics, but you have to respect her and the fact that she did what she believed was right and stuck to those principles to the end.

What has surprised me, although on reflection it really shouldn't, is all the people jumping on the bandwagon of hate. People who barely recall Thatcher's time in power and were certainly politically unaware at the time. This was someone whom has achieved more in her life and probably done more for more people than these decriers will ever... EVER achieve. Fair enough, dislike the woman, but there is no need to spout vitriolic abuse on public fora to try and make yourself feel some part of a deluded "in" crowd.

Some people really need to just grow up.

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