Weighed, Measured and Found Wanting.

19th August 2016
That was interesting.

But, anyway... what news from this week. Other than a bout of flu like illness that has laid me out most of the week, and an allergy attack that was truly debilitating there really hasn't been much of any noteworthy interest.

Yesterday we took the boys swimming, and whilst there we were accosted by a PT. She was trying to encourage activity I think, but dragged us off one at a time to assess where we were. As soon as I mentioned being off my feet for getting on a year now she was very excited and has told me she is going to phone next month and (with a bit of luck ) I will have seen and been signed off by the surgeon by then. Her plan is to rehabilitate me properly using science!

This means something deeply troubling. It means I will have to go to the gym! Fortunately it is a council leisure centre so I don't need to join, just Pay as you Go for a couple of months whilst working on a specific program to correct bio-mechanical imbalances, regain some fitness and become a better version of myself (ie - get some health back).

Unusually I am actually kinda excited at the prospect! If it gets be back able to do the things I love, and it isn't a long term commitment, then I am happy to give it a go! If I actually enjoy it then I could always stay on and go beyond the basics, or just use it as a rainy day alternative to getting out mountain biking or running.

But for now... I think it is time to chill... oh look... Netflix!

I can't wait to get back our mountain biking again!

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