You've Got to Laugh

01st March 2017
Somethings are just so ridiculous - things people say, do or how they act. The world is full of such absolute stupidity at the moment that if you didn't laugh you... would cry.

This particular sign just makes me laugh:

No Fishing, and yet the river is quite some distance away! It also grates on my nerves because it sums up British (and perhaps more particularly English) attitudes towards land and property. This feeling that it is all "mine" and no one else should be allowed access to it, or to enjoy it, or to make use of it - all because of wealth (and often hereditary wealth and ownership at that). A small parcel of "private" land to enjoy your solitude and own space is fine - a garden for instance - but large swathes of land... no.

Things need to change here - access legislation and land ownership are both areas that really need to be explored by our government and a more modern and egalitarian system put in place.

Entirely in my own opinion, obviously!

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